Oakland Raiders season in jeopardy?


Sep 14, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Houston Texans running back Arian Foster (23) rushes the ball for a 46 yard gain against the Oakland Raiders in the first quarter at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Truthfully, starting 0-2 is not the end of the world.  However, when fans have been through the things that Raider Nation has been through it becomes a big deal.  This team needed momentum heading into week 3 against the New England Patriots.  Yet that momentum has been slowed by inconsistent play calls, assignments, and poor tackling.  Yes, players have to execute these things on the field, but it begins with coaching on the practice field.

Now the tackling thing I cannot fault the coaches for, but I can fault the coaches for having the wrong personnel in the game on each play.  LB Miles Burris was one of the first draft picks selected by this Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie team.  He has dealt with injuries that have set him back throughout the past 3 years.  This season he is finally healthy, and he has been thrust into the MLB position by the coaching staff.  I like Burris as a player, but he is not ready to be the MLB.  I would rather have Kaluka Maiava in there, but the coaching staff put Burris in there.

Coverage wise, both the New York Jets and Houston Texans were able to move the ball down the field through the air almost effortlessly on their first drives against the Oakland Raiders.  Plus, they bowled over the Raiders with their running games.  Saying that “guys need to tighten up” or that “they just missed filling the right gaps” is becoming cliché.  I’m tired of hearing the same rhetoric over and over by Dennis Allen.  Better yet, I’m sick of hearing that “guys need to buy in completely” or “At the end of the day” or “we need to do a better job…”

Come on, man!  Yes, I just went there.  It’s time to stop talking and put up or shut up.  Win games or step aside and let’s get another coach in there.  This combination of coaches isn’t working out too well.  I wanted them to, and I wrote articles praising some of them.  Now, I have egg on my face due to the fact that Dennis Allen can’t seem to get his offensive and defensive coaches on the same page.  Apparently, when the defense starts fighting and making plays, Dennis Allen’s offense (Greg Olson’s play calling) falters.  When the offense starts to move the ball, oh wait, this isn’t until about 4 minutes left in the entire game when there’s no chance to win.  Good thing that Dennis Allen made this statement, “I thought Derek Carr ran the 2-minute offense well…”

The fact is, there won’t be a coaching change until the Bye Week.  This means that Raider Nation will have to endure two more games of Dennis Allen statements if the Raiders can’t put together any wins.  If they do win, Raider Nation will more than likely have to see Dennis Allen for half of the season or more.  This all depends on the organizations decision on whether or not to keep the coaching staff as is.  So we wait.  More than likely, Raider Nation will have to wait until October to find out if Dennis Allen will be here or not.

I just hope that the veteran players can hold the locker room together long enough for something to turn around, coaching change or not.  It’s going to be a tough two weeks or so as the Raiders go on some long travel days (New England and then London, England).  One can only hope for the best, as I do.  The season is not in jeopardy, but it sure feels like it.  Go Raiders!