Oakland Raiders Film Room: Week 2 (HOU)

9 of 10

Credit: NFL Game Rewind

On this third quarter pass Houston uses 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) against Oakland’s nickel personnel (2 DL, 4 LBs, 5 DBs) in man-free coverage (man coverage with one safety helping over the top). Houston motions WR Andre Johnson (already having a great game) to draw S Charles Woodson’s attention to that side of the field. With single coverage on WR DeAndre Hopkins running the 9 route (fade) on the right side, Houston QB Ryan Fitzpatrick likes the matchup in the pre-snap read and goes there immediately. Fitzpatrick throws a beautiful back shoulder pass (highly effective against man coverage). Despite tight coverage from Oakland CB Chimdi Chekwa, Hopkins makes an amazing catch for the TD. There’s not much more that could be done here. It was just one of the several plays that the Houston receivers made great plays against solid coverage.