How the Oakland Raiders Can Make it Any Given Sunday Against Patriots

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Need Ausberry

Tight end David Ausberry has been off the PUP list for a couple of weeks now so if he’s ready, Allen needs to use him. His 40-speed and 3-cone drill time are  the same as Rod Streater’s so imagine a linebacker trying to cover Streater. The converted collegiate receiver also has hands to complete his receiver skill-set and at 6’4″, 258 pounds, he’s too big for someone in an opposing secondary.

Ausberry has learned how to use that 258 pounds to block too so the Raiders don’t have to take him out on run plays. Mychal Rivera can come in on double-tights and obvious passing situations as Ausberry won’t tip the Raiders’ hand.  That will open up vertical routes with Ausberry running right by linebackers and strong safeties as they bite on play action.

All this methodical dink-and-dunk stuff isn’t working for the Raiders so they need to go down the field for big plays. Belichik likes to take things away from an offense that can hurt him but Ausberry can make it hard to focus on McFadden. If Belichick uses his most athletic linebacker to cover McFadden, a strong safety can forget about stopping Ausberry so he would be a problem for the Patriots.