How the Oakland Raiders Can Beat the Miami Dolphins

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Being Slick With Ausberry?

Tight end David Ausberry has been back from his knee procedure for a couple of weeks and he’s only been on special teams. He is the team’s best tight end as that’s why he won the job as the starter until he had that procedure done. Not only is he a good run blocker but the converted wide receiver is just that so he and his 4.4 speed is a mismatch on linebackers and his size is a mismatch for opposing secondaries.

Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Gate said, of Ausberry in the footnotes of an article yesterday, “Tight end David Ausberry looked explosive in practice, the best he’s moved since returning from knee surgery just before the season started. So apparently he didn’t come back at 100 percent and perhaps he has made his way all the way back up to speed for Sunday.

Most of the media hasn’t talked about him because he hasn’t played since 2012 and has no career starts on his resume. So since he hasn’t been on the injury report or talked about, the Raiders can sneak him into the lineup for some big plays. The last big play he made was a 31-yard catch and run in 2012 against these Miami Dolphins so it should be time to remind them of who he is.