Oakland Raiders to miss Derek Carr with MCL, ankle sprain


Sep 24, 2014; Bagshot, UNITED KINGDOM; Oakland Raiders quarterbacks Matt McGloin (14) and quarterback Derek Carr (4) at practice at Pennyhill Park Hotel in advance of the NFL International Series game against the Miami Dolphins. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If Sunday’s embarrassment at Wembley Stadium wasn’t enough for the Oakland Raiders to hit rock bottom, losing their rookie quarterback and hopeful new face of the franchise in the second half of a blowout to the Miami Dolphins firmly placed the team in a worst case scenario heading into the bye week as Carr exited the game limping after trying to play through obvious knee discomfort.

The worst fears were realized after the game as Carr admitted he suffered a high ankle sprain as well as an injury to his MCL after team doctors X-rayed him after leaving the game. Even worse, team trainers didn’t help the franchise’s prized possession off of the field when he was hobbling out of the game during the second half.

Losing Carr will be a massive blow for not only the development of their rookie quarterback who was using 2014 as a chance to soak in as much game experience as possible, but also for the team’s hopes of turning an ugly 0-4 start around. The team put a lot of weight on Carr’s shoulders when they planned to start him for the long haul this season and now they will be left to determine whether or not veteran Matt Schaub or second year prospect Matt McGloin get the chance to take the reigns over the bye week.

Whoever gets the nod won’t have overly big shoes to fill as Carr didn’t break the 21 point mark in any of his four starts, but the Raiders would be wise to make a decision internally during the bye week to allow either Schaub or McGloin to get back into a groove. Starting McGloin makes the most sense as the UDFA outperformed Schaub in the preseason as well as in 2013 during the regular season when both QB’s started at various points for the Raiders and Texans respectively. Schaub may get the start, but the upside of McGloin is much more valuable should he prove that he can start in the NFL yet again after his rookie season showed flashes of promise. No matter who starts, fans will be awaiting Carr’s return throughout as the team will want their rookie starter to come back to fold as soon as he gets healthy.