Oakland Raiders Film Room: Week 4 (MIA in London)

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Credit: NFL Game Rewind

In the red zone, Oakland utilizes 20 personnel (2 RBs, 0 TEs, 3 WRs) for this zone read against Miami’s 4-3 defense (4 DLs, 3LBs, 4 DBs). The entire line blocks beautifully on this play. Watch the initial step to the right side of the image by the offensive line. C Stefan Wisniewski makes a particularly impressive block on DT Earl Mitchell, while G Gabe Jackson works to the second level, succesfully blocking LB Phillip Wheeler. Sending FB Marcel Reece across the formation for the backside block creates misdirection that takes Miami LB Jason Trusnik out of the play. All that’s left is for Carr to make the correct read on the scrape exchange (DE dives in against the run while OLB “scrapes” behind him to contain against QB keeping the ball) and McFadden to run through the wide hole given to him.