Oakland Raiders Film Room: Week 4 (MIA in London)

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Credit: NFL Game Rewind

Oakland brings out their nickel sub package (3 DLs, 3 LBs, 5 DBs) versus Miami’s 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) blitzing all linebackers and S Charles Woodson with man-free coverage (one deep safety, man coverage underneath). Miami runs a hi-lo levels route on the right side (bottom of image) with a 9 route on the left. With the linebackers all blitzing the middle of the field is immediately wide open and WR Jarvis Landry breaks early to the gap in coverage. CB Carlos Rogers (playing in the slot) bites hard on the play-action and ends up way behind Landry in coverage, leaving no one to challenge the pass. S Usama Young sees the pass from his deep zone and breaks on the play but takes a poor angle and finds his tackle attempt whiffing. If Woodson doesn’t read play action so quickly and come back to make this tackle it’s very possible this play ends up as six points for Miami.