Oakland Raiders should trade for Ndamukong Suh


Sep 21, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Green Bay Packers guard T.J. Lang (70) blocks Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (90) during the game at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

0-4, a low point the Raiders have not reached in the past few years despite the culture of losing. A fired coach and an interim coach, a situation Raider nation has come too familiar with over the past few years. With all the turmoil sending us Raider fans into panic, what better time than now to play General Manager as the trade deadline approaches.

Insert Ndamukong Suh. The ruthless and dominating defensive tackle has yet to ink a deal with the team that drafted him, the Detroit Lions. In fact, the two sides are not even discussing a deal as they want Suh’s focus on football.

However, with Suh set to make so much money combined with the Lions’ inconsistencies on-the field, his return is in question. Especially as ESPN reported Suh will walk and may look to a team in New York to increase his brand.

But what would make Suh leave one struggling organization for another? The beauty of the situation is Suh could be obtained in a trade before the October 28 trade deadline. Further, the Raiders have the salary cap space to give Suh any lucrative deal he is seeking.

Of course it will take draft picks to acquire Suh, and McKenzie has maintained the importance of draft picks. Still, a player like Suh would be worth the gamble as he can reverse the whole culture of a struggling defense.

Suh has not been a sack machine this season, but offenses must still know where he is on every single play. Suh has enough size and speed to play as a one technique or three technique in either 3-4/4-3 fronts which makes him a fit for a hybrid scheme.

Adding a player of Suh’s ability means our linebackers can have more space to make plays. Pressure on the passer from the middle makes the jobs of our aging ends (Tuck and Woodley) much easier. Not to mention our aging secondary needs as much pressure as possible.

The Raiders do have an influx of young and veteran guys at the position already. Pat Simms is solid, but would be more consistent as a back up player. Antonio Smith has enough versatility to get snaps all over the line. While younger guys Stacy McGee and Justin Ellis round out a unit that could become 0ne of the deepest in the league, with the addition of Suh.

Even if adding Suh may seem like a desperation move, the reality is the Raiders are a desperate team. The Raiders are desperate to stop the run and rush the passer. The Raiders are desperate to win a game and create an identity. More importantly, the Raiders are desperate to be winners and find a new stadium.

Suh coming to the Raiders can only help them in their long and short term quest. Suh combined with Khalil Mack gives this team a nucleus to build around. Combined with a contributing D.J. Hayden and Derek Carr, the Raiders might just have found themselves a foundation and identity.

Speaking of identity, which Raider fan would not love to see Suh in silver and black? He reflects that swagger and nasty mentality of the old Raiders. Raider fans will love his dominate play and accept the bone headed plays too because it is the win at all cost mentality the Raiders have been lacking for over a decade.

Maybe Suh could be obtained in free agency without forfeiting draft picks. However, last off season taught us that nothing guarantees free agents will consider Oakland. Hence McKenzie should work to make the Suh fantasy a reality because it could save his job.

Sure McKenzie and the Raiders may want to save the 2-4 top 3 round draft picks it would require to obtain Suh, but the future is now for McKenzie and the Raiders. No one is safe with the organization, and a crazy move like trading for Suh might be what the Raiders need to find a stadium and develop into a winner.