Carr Heads the Quarterback Class of 2014

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The Oakland Raiders haven’t won anything in so long,  it’s hard for individuals on the team to get any respect. Rookie quarterback Derek Carr sets a record for touchdown passes for his first five games and you hardly hear a thing about it. With four touchdowns passes last week, Carr missed the rookie record by one and he didn’t even get nominated for Rookie of the Week.

These days, you hear more about Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles and a Johnny Manziel that isn’t even playing. I understand you have to win to be talked about but if the topic is top rookie quarterbacks, Carr’s name should at least come up.  Manziel is known more for partying in Las Vegas than he is playing in the NFL so at least his name is dying down.

But when you hear about top rookie quarterbacks on national sports channels, it’s all about Bortles and Bridgewater. Ron Jaworski of ESPN loves him some Bortles and constantly compares him to Bridgewater as if it is just a two-man race. But when you look at how the youngsters are playing right now, Carr is actually the head of this year’s rookie quarterback class.

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