Darnell Dockett taunts Oakland Raiders with 0-6 sign, claims fans threw coins at bench


If you haven’t noticed over the past few years, Darnell Dockett is a man who lacks class and bangs to the tune of his own drum. All it takes is one look through his Twitter timeline of tasteless tweets about anything and everything to know that Dockett doesn’t shy away from anything. So when the injured Dockett decided to taunt the Raiders fans facing the Arizona Cardinals bench on Sunday with a sign saying “Worst team in the NFL, 0-6” it wasn’t much of a shock.

It was even less of a shock that everyone on Twitter lost their minds over Dockett’s joke at the Raiders expense, after all 95% of Raiders coverage outside of the Bay Area usually involves making such jokes about the team. So when the incident went viral, it was really no shock to anyone who knows Dockett’s personality as well as to anyone who knows how things go from Twitter to blogs to television on Sundays.

Dockett blew the story up even further when he justified the sign by claiming that Raiders fans were throwing coins at the Cardinals bench amongst the usual heckling that every NFL team should expect to go through on the road.

Regardless of why Dockett posted the sign, he is still one of the least classy players in the National Football League based on his past track record on Twitter that has seen many incidents that are much worse than a playful sign. Making fun of the 0-6 Raiders is tame by Dockett’s standards, so the brief storm over the sign will be replaced as soon as Dockett opens his mouth, or takes to Twitter next.