Is Reggie McKenzie Ruining the Oakland Raiders?

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Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie on the sidelines before the preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys at Coliseum. Oakland Raiders won 19-17.Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

When Oakland Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie was first hired, I thought he was going back to save the team he played for. I likened it to Ozzie Newsome going from playing for Art Modell’s Cleveland Browns to G.M for his Baltimore Ravens. I thought McKenzie’s background as director of pro personnel for the Green Bay Packers was sure to have him ready for the job.

From the time he was hired to the to beginning of this season, I maintained my belief in him, even after his coaching hires. I bought all the excuses about the salary cap mess he inherited and the time it would take to get the Raiders winning. But now, two coaches and roster overhauls in, I still believe in McKenzie after a good 2014 draft but I’m starting to have questions.

I’m looking around the league and I see former Raiders that didn’t cost much having success on better teams. I see talented players from the Al Davis regime that are on short leash while his players get to screw up all they want and still play. As a matter of fact, some of McKenzie’s players are the worst in the NFL at what they do and they continue to trot unto the field with the staring lineup.

Davis made mistakes at the end of his life but at the very end, he put an exciting product on the field that missed the playoffs by one game. So there was no need to get rid of all of his guys and do everything the polar opposite way Davis did. For example, Raider Nation called it the “Al Davis scholarship” when a player wasn’t panning out but had a special talent like size or speed.

From the looks of things, we now have the “Reggie McKenzie scholarship” for guys that love football and want to be Raiders. These guys have all the heart and desire in the world but the result is the same because the players don’t have talent. I would like to think you can get both out of a player but scholarships aside, it’s time for a look at how McKenzie is really doing.

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