Oakland Raiders Film Room: Week 8 (CLE)

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Derek Carr

Though Carr isn’t Andrew Luck, he’s played at a level far above many of the NFL scouts and sports media pundits expectations for him back in May. He’s shown an ability to make beautiful and accurate throws through small windows in the defense. He’s kept his composure and shown a maturity on the field far beyond his years. While still struggling a little versus pressure, he’s managed to display at times that he can use his feet to escape pressure, climb the pocket, and make solid throws. If Carr continues his progression at the current rate there’s no reason to doubt that he’s the franchise quarterback of the future.

Credit: NFL Game Rewind

On 2nd & 2 in the second quarter Oakland shifts their 21 personnel (2 RBs, 1 TE, 2 WRs) to a spread out 3×1 look. This forces Cleveland’s Base 3-4 (3 DLs, 4 LBs, 4 DBs) to completely shift around before the play and double check their assignments. Cleveland safety Donte Whitner backs up deep in the man-free coverage (one deep safety, man coverage underneath) but stays to the one receiver side of the field leaving the left hash mark free from deep help. TE Mychal Rivera makes a great second effort to get upfield after the initial contact and Carr helps keep that side of the field open with a look and fake wind up to the right. Carr’s throw isn’t perfect, but it’s high and away from the help defender giving only Rivera a chance to make the catch. Rivera makes a spectacular catch and Oakland gets 22 yards and a first down. Had Cleveland been in a legit 2-deep coverage (which is what they are hinting at with their lineup) they would have been able to have a safety in position to knock that pass down, but Carr accurately read 1-deep coverage and used his eyes to allow Rivera to get open.