Oakland Raiders Held Hostage by Offensive Line

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Kevin Boothe (67) during the organized team activities.

Best Guard Not Playing

Former Raider, ex-New York Giant and now Raider again Kevin Boothe is the best guard in the NFL not starting. He was really good with the Giants last year and during his tenure in New York before being brought back to the Raiders last offseason. I don’t know what the obsession is with trying to get Khalif Barnes on the field is when Boothe is a better guard.

He’s an absolute mauler in the running game while his pass blocking isn’t the greatest but he won’t get anyone killed. That’s exactly what Barnes is in pass protection only he can’t run block the way Boothe can or even close to it. He is the one that should be starting at right guard while he’s backing up Wisniewski at center and Howard is struggling there.

I bet anyone 10 dollars to a glazed doughnut that the Raiders would be able to run the all with Boothe at right guard.