Who is Most Responsible for Oakland Raiders Failures?

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Owner and GM: Mark Davis and Reggie McKenzie

These two gentleman hold the most power and influence over the Oakland Raiders. In recent years they have guided this “Ship” through the loss of its captain the late Al Davis. Through a salary cap nightmare and overpriced players, as well as complete organizational overhaul. But have they done enough?

Obviously not. While Mark continues his stadium tour, Raider Nation is left wondering where its future will be. A team and fanbase are left in limbo, with an uncertain future and no sense of direction. Mark seems to be working for what is best for the organization, but I have questioned whether the son of a legend, will ever be capable of returning the Raiders to greatness.

With Reggie McKenzie it has been a love/hate relationship for Raider Nation. His public persona has been lukewarm, and while I’m sure the man is highly intelligent, his public speaking and organizational leadership have come into question. Is Reggie just a victim of limited options and a what could be the worst organization for free agent coaches and players. Or could he have done more? Is it not his job to turn the Oakland Raiders into a destination for top flight players and coaches?

I’m beginning to question the motives of the two heads of state of this Raiders organization. What was their plan 3 years ago when McKenzie was hired? What is their vision for the future?

Solid drafts have yet to translate into wins and a 0-16 season is a real possibility this year. For that plenty of blame should be given to the duo in charge of the big picture in Oakland.