Oakland Raiders Film Room: Week 10 (DEN)

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Brice Butler Is Oakland’s Best Receiver

Brice Butler has shown more than promise this season. On several occasions he’s been able to make clutch catches and keep drives alive. The week he was able to add a couple of touchdowns to that resume. Though still growing his future looks bright, especially if him and Carr can continue to develop their chemistry. Interesting note: Brice Butler is the only Oakland receiver with a cumulative positive PFF grade (+0.8) through week 10.

Credit: NFL Game Rewind

On 3rd & 6 in the first quarter Brice Butler comes up with a spectacular catch for the first down, keeping the drive alive. Oakland runs the snag concept out of 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs), with Butler motioning into the formation to run the snag route. The snag concept is great against zone defenses because it puts a horizontal and vertical stretch on the corner and the outside linebacker, forcing them to each choose between different receivers to cover while leaving another. On this play Denver runs Cover 4 (deep field split into 4 zones) out of their extra coverage nickel sub-package (2 DLs, 3 LBs, 6 DBs). SS TJ Ward (playing linebacker) races out to the flat when he sees RB Darren McFadden running toward the sideline, leaving a soft spot in the zone for Butler. Carr does a great job of throwing away from the defense and Butler makes a veteran-like catch with a linebacker baring down upon him for 7 yards and the first down.

Credit: NFL Game Rewind

Oakland uses 11 personnel again on this red-zone play with a 3×1 alignment. Denver again uses their extra coverage nickel sub-package (2 DLs, 3 LBs, 6 DBs – SS TJ Ward at linebacker)  in goal line 2-man coverage (2 safeties in zone/spy coverage on top of man coverage underneath). Butler fights through some contact after his inside break and gets behind S Rahim Moore (crashing down on James Jones short hook route). Carr throws the ball a little high as he takes a roughing the passer hit, but Butler makes the catch and keeps both feet in bounds for the TD.