Oakland Raiders Can Make 2013 Draft Look Much Better

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Oct 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) is sacked by Oakland Raiders outside linebacker Sio Moore (55) during the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Round 3: Sio Moore

Sio Moore is one of the best football players on the team, a potentially great pass rusher and steal in the third round. Earlier in the season, Moore set his edge and got after the quarterback when he lined up as an outside linebacker. With 2014 1st-round pick Khalil Mack doing the same thing on the other side, opposing teams simply ran up the middle at middle linebacker Miles Burris.

Moore then showed he’s a great all-around linebacker as the Raiders started running a lot of 4-3 over, lining him up and giving him the responsibilities of an inside linebacker. Now, Moore makes up for Burris’ mistakes by diagnosing plays and getting to the ball up the middle. To get full use out of Moore and Mack, the Raiders need to get two inside linebackers and run the 3-4 so Moore and Mack can come off the edges in a 3-4.