Oakland Raiders Have a New Star in Latavius Murray

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Nov 20, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray (28) carries the ball against the Kansas City Chiefs at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When I first saw Latavius Murray playing for the University of Central Florida, I really liked him as a running back. I thought he had some talent and when the Oakland Raiders drafted him in 2013, I thought, “Okay, the Raiders have a good backup for Darren McFadden,” whom I had fallen in love with from 2010-2011. Then when McFadden got hurt again last year, Murray couldn’t  take advantage because he was lost for the season with a foot injury.

So Rashad Jennings took over and played his way into a nice contract on the east coast with the New York Giants. Many were up-in-arms about Jennings moving on and I told them that Jennings was nothing special and it wasn’t that big a deal. Then when they asked, “What happens when McFadden get’s hurt again?” I told them I really liked this Murray Kid.

But I wanted McFadden to have the first crack at it because I wanted to see if he could bring back the 2010-2011 magic. Fast forward to around eight games into this year and as he’s healthy but just not doing anything with his first crack. At first, I thought it was the offensive line and while they haven’t been great, there’s always a way to make things happen as McFadden’s line was worse in 2010-2011.

But while Maurice Jones-Drew, who was brought in to start was worse because he lost his burst, it appeared that McFadden lost his vision. But the last thing I thought about was Murray because the times he did carry the ball, he averaged 1.8 per. I wanted to see more of him but was reluctant to call him any better than McFadden after four carries for 43 yards with a 23-yard run on Sunday.

Then Murray came back and convinced me in major way on Thursday against he Kansas City Chiefs that he is the guy.

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