Marcus Allen Comments on Oakland Raiders Stadium Situation


Marcus Allen is always vocal about the Oakland Raiders stadium situation, primarily because he is a former USC running back who played for the Los Angeles Raiders and has been on the record many times in stating that the city deserves a football team again with his former team in the Raiders being one of the most viable options for NFL football being brought back to Los Angeles. That vocal commentary has made many believe that Allen wants the Raiders taken away from Oakland, something that the running back decided to backtrack on recently.

Allen says that the fans in Oakland deserve to have a team, but if that doesn’t work out, Los Angeles is the most viable option for the Raiders. Something that many fans of the franchise can more than agree with despite their geographical location.

From the Sporting News

"“I’ve had conversations with people about that,’’ the Hall of Fame running back told Sporting News on Monday. “I know that the Raiders are trying to do anything they can so Oakland is a possibility, first and foremost. But if that doesn’t work out, Los Angeles is the logical place, because of their history there. And I say the same thing about the Rams, because both teams were here in the region for so many years.“The fans in Oakland are fantastic, and I know they deserve to have the team there. My experience is as an L.A. Raider. That’s where I played for them … It’s important to say, I try to be as objective as possible, but I’m always partial to that.’’"

Marcus Allen wants football back in Los Angeles, something that he shares in common with many Southern Californians who want to see the Raiders come back to where they won their last Super Bowl, but his recent comments indicate that he has a respect for the fact that Oakland deserve the Raiders as well. Fans will be left in a sticky situation until the stadium issue is finalized, but the only thing that is for certain is that Raiders fans want to keep the franchise in either Oakland or its second home in Los Angeles for their next permanent residence.