Oakland Raiders: Top Ten Running Backs In Team History

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This was a really hard list to make as the Raiders have had some phenomenal running backs over the years. But when I narrowed it down, the eye test was involved, but it was mainly all about what these players did for the Raiders.

For example, Eric Dickerson was one of the greatest running backs ever, but he didn’t play with the Raiders long enough.

Tyrone Wheatley put up some solid numbers around the turn of the century and Justin Vargas sneaked onto the club’s top-10 list playing for some of the not-so-good Raider teams of the 2000s.

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There were also some that didn’t have as high of yards per carry average, but they scored touchdowns, and that’s more important. Then, of course, the value has to be there as what they did to contribute to championships was pretty big too.

But those are my Raiders’ Top 10 running backs, and I would put this list against anyone’s.