Oakland Raiders: Top Ten Running Backs In Team History

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No. 8: Hewritt Dixon

At 6’1″, 230 pounds and fast, Hewritt Dixon had the height, weight and speed combination Al Davis coveted in running backs. He also had the versatility as Dixon was a good blocker and an excellent receiver out of the backfield as Davis employed him as in the ’60s.

Dixon was a punishing runner to go with that speed as his 230 pounds was huge for a running back in that era.

Why he’s on the list

Dixon was a team-oriented, versatile running back that was even moved to tight end at times while with the Raiders. He’s No. 13 on the Raiders all-time rushing list and No. 18 on the Raiders all-time receiving list, proving that versatility.

Dixon was also 1st-team All-Pro once with four Pro Bowl Selections, including when he helped the 1967 team win the AFL Championship.

Why he’s not higher

Dixon didn’t have enough numbers compiled and didn’t win a Super Bowl to put him in front of the guys ahead of him. If he were higher on the Raiders all-time rushing list, that would have made up for not winning Super Bowl II.

His contributions would have been taken more into account if they had led to a Super Bowl victory for the Raiders.