Oakland Raiders: Top Ten Running Backs In Team History

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No. 7: Marv Hubbard

Marv Hubbard was an authentically tough man and a punishing runner for the Raiders from the fullback position. Back in the ’60s and ’70s, the Raiders’ fullbacks ran the ball a lot too and he was the Raiders’ version of Jim Taylor of the Green Bay Packers, running the Raiders sweep.

Hubbard was the Raiders’ closer as he got the drive-sustaining first downs when the Raiders were ahead late in the game.

Why He’s on the List

Hubbard’s toughness exemplified Raiders football, and he is the Raiders fifth all-time leading rusher. He also averaged 4.8 yards per carry over his career as there aren’t many that played as long as he did with that high of an average.

Hubbard was also a Pro Bowl fullback three times, which is fourth-most among all Raiders running backs.

Why He’s Not Higher

For whatever the reason, Hubbard never made an All-Pro team and his efforts never led to winning a championship. His body gave out from his punishing style of running in 1975, and the Raiders didn’t beat the then dominant Pittsburgh Steelers to go to the Super Bowl of until 1976.

If Hubbard had only made it to 1976, he would have been part of a Super Bowl winner, and he would have been as high as No. 2.