Oakland Raiders 2014 Draft Class Shines in Season Defining Win

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Even though the Oakland Raiders are 2-11, they have shown that they have the best class of 2014 throughout this season. But it really showed how well the Raiders did in the 2014 draft in their win against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. You’ve done well for your franchise if you draft two starters and the Raiders have drafted four of them this year.

And every single one of those starters made an impact in their win against the Bay Area rival 49ers, giving us a peek at the future. It doesn’t matter of the Raiders lose the last two games of the season, the Raiders started their turnaround against the 49ers. The youngsters have made their respective ways up in their level of play will be ready to lead the team next year.

Get ready Raider Nation, we’re not the far from seeing the Raiders finally get back to winning.

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