Derek Carr Goes to Raiders Facility at 5:40 AM on Off Day


Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was high on general manager Reggie McKenzie’s 2014 NFL Draft board due to his work ethic and outstanding off the field qualities, a married man with a family as a Fresno State star who values a hard working attitude while dedicating himself to improving as a football player as well as the Christian faith, Carr impressed the Raiders enough to name him the first rookie Week One starter in franchise history. Since then Carr has only improved as the season has progressed, recently winning two straight home games against 2013 playoff teams in rivalry games against the Chiefs and the 49ers to enter the final month of the season with a bang.

Part of that improvement has been Carr’s dedication to being a leader as well as pushing himself to improve during the season by putting in plenty of extra work. Famously working with wideouts and studying their film before the Senior Bowl, Carr now is one of the Raiders facilities biggest fixtures by coming in first many days and being the last to leave as well. According to 95.7 The Game host John Middlekauff, Carr was in the facility at 5:40 a.m. on a Tuesday off day for Oakland to prepare to take on the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

There is no denying that Carr isn’t going to continue to improve if he continues to show this type of work ethic as he has taken the experiences of his brother David Carr since he was a teenager into becoming a potential franchise quarterback in the making. After early struggles this season it is easy to notice Carr’s progress as he has been able to put up big games in the midst of one of the NFL’s most difficult schedules. If the Raiders continue to improve as a unit while Carr grows as a quarterback, the sky is the limit and that work ethic is a key to that success as the starting quarterback in Oakland is one of the most motivated players in the league when it comes to improving himself every week.