Oakland Raiders Relocation to Los Angeles Gaining Steam


While the Oakland Raiders have been gaining steam at the Coliseum as of late, winning two of their final home games in front of the Black Hole, behind the season is the uncertainty of where the franchise will be playing long term as the City of Oakland continues to drag its feet when it comes to getting a new stadium built for the team. With Oakland city council seemingly unwilling to make public funds available for either the Raiders or the MLB A’s, Los Angeles is emerging as a lucrative option as the months pass with owner Mark Davis potentially needing to make a second relocation to South California in franchise history for the good of the Raiders.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, that might be turning into a reality with the Raiders appearing to have a “much better chance to move to Los Angeles” than Rapoport thought earlier in the process. Something that makes sense with Oakland’s public officials seeming disinterested in keeping the team if it means using taxpayer/public money.

Rapoport also added that the usual talking points of the league wanting Mark Davis to sell and the City of Los Angeles not wanting the Raiders image back in their city are non issues.

Nobody will know the future of the Raiders until the final hour, but until the City of Oakland make a significant investment in keeping the team there will be more of a push to relocation the longer Mark Davis’ search for a new stadium continues. Los Angeles, the Raiders home in the 80’s and early 90’s, is the obvious logical destination for them to make a move. Only time will tell what happens, but with Oakland not having the money or the willingness to get something done these reports are going to continue to surface pointing the Raiders in the direction of a Los Angeles return.