Oakland Raiders: Week 17 Twitter Q&A


This will be this season’s final Q&A from Twitter and next week will be a very comprehensive year in review column. Of course done in my own particularly odd way.

Question 1: @1975_mark and @JessAguirre33

if harbaugh goes to Michigan who is a viable person to go after?

So I am sort of cheating saying both guys gave me the same question. Actually they sent me two different nuanced questions and I will answer both. Firstly, the most viable option for the Raiders seems to be Jack Del Rio. This may seem random to some people, but Jack is an ex-head coach with an impeccable list of character references. Although Del Rio lacks a Super Bowl ring, he has the clout to bring in intelligent veteran coordinators in order to build a dominant coaching staff. Rio is considered more of a motivator and manager which fits the sort of personality that the Raiders seem to be focused on by looking at Harbaugh.

On the flip side, Jess asked specifically whom would be the best candidate for the Raiders. This question is much more difficult because it requires defining what “best” means. In all reality the guy who makes the most sense and I can’t believe I am saying this, is Mike Holmgren. Although Holmgren has been out of the game for some time and that worries me immensley, Holmgren has connections to McKenzie, a winning pedigree, and a long coaching tree with access to serious coaching talent. It worked for Dick Vermiel in the late 1990s and it may be a move that could work for the Raiders. The last we saw Holmgren, he was dragging the Cleveland Browns through the mud and doing his best to destroy that franchise. There is no way he should be hired with personnel control, but since he already knows Reggie McKenzie, he would likely be willing to share power in a way that maintains continuity. He also has the clout to keep a guy such as Sporano on the team, but not allow his cult of personality to grow. Add that to the fact he knows how to handle young quarterbacks (Favre and Hasslebeck), all he needs to do is bring in a good offensive coordinator that has been in the game the last few seasons.

Bonus: @RaiseACaveman asks what the odds are the Raiders hire Bowles as head coach. I would say 33 percent. I think the short list is already on Reggie McKenzie’s mind and it involves Bowles. Most likely the short list is the three guys I have mentioned in this answer. Del Rio, Bowles, Holmgren.

Question 2: @newcalgarymayor

if khaki man goes to Michigan does Bowles jump to the top of the list? Which OC should he bring to develop Carr?

I have already dug into the first half of this quesiton, but the second half is what interests me. Dowell Loggains and Marty Mornhinweg are the archetypes for what the Raiders will likely look for in an offensive coordinator. Loggains is a long time assistant coach with some limited coordinator experience with young quarterbacks and while he was coordinator he had some limited success. Mornhinweg is a career coordinator and has a vast knowledge of several schemes, but focuses on the West Coast offense. He has been in the NFL for over a decade and has an impeccable reputation. With Morhinweg likely losing his job in New York once Rex is gone, I would have him near the top of the list for the Raider’s future offensive coordinator. Mike Martz would be another name, but to me the best solution for the Raiders is to find a coordinator that knows how to coach a young quarterback first and foremost. I do think regardless of the headcoach, the offensive coordinator will be highly respected and highly paid.

Question 3: @A_NewLookRaider

should we as fans be ok with DJ, Carrie, McGill, Thorpe as our top four CBs going into 2015?

Absolutely. I love and let me emphasize love, the future of the Raiders’ defensive backfield. Hayden will never be a shut down corner, but he has shown in his short stint that he can and will make plays for the defense. Sure he will give up some plays, but he will make impact plays as well. Carrie is a grinder. He is not flashy in the way Hayden is, but he does everything well including playing the slot. McGill has the potential to be a Brandon Browner type cornerback, but he is very raw and will take time to groom. Having a full offseason for him and DJ will be massively important. With Chris Harris receiving a big contract extension from the Broncos, I do not see a free agent corner worth breaking the bank for although the Raiders should definitely consider someone for depth. Davon House, Kareem Jackson, Patrick Robinson, and Kyle Wilson should all be considered for the Raiders.

Question 4: @JamalM510

Is Wiz worth the franchise tag? Options a C if he walks..

Considering the franchise tag is the same for all offensive lineman I do not see the Raiders paying Wisniewski 14 or more million dollars to be a mediocre center. My number one option to replace him would be Rodney Hudson and that would be a massive upgrade. If Hudson is tagged then Brian De La Puente would also be a minor upgrade for this offensive line. I would also not have an issue addressing other positions and take a top center prospect in round two of the draft.

Question 5: @Carr_Crazy

Will the raiders please get rid of that wall of shame ever? My names on it, bad reminder of PSL screwing.

Start praying for Coliseum City and a comprehensive plastic explosive demolition.

Question 6: @sparksraider

Who are your preferred free agent targets for the upcoming offseason.

For me free agency is all about limiting the needs of the team going into the draft. I know Raider’s fans want the team to go after a huge splash whether it be Suh or Bryant, but I highly doubt either comes to the Raiders. Bryant just seems like a longshot to even hit free agency, and Suh seems destined to head to a team such as the Seahawks or Patriots over the Raiders. My free agent list would start with Pierre-Paul. Having Tuck would help the Raiders add this solid player. Next would be Brandon Spikes which would add a true middle linebacker. From there I would also press hard for Boling to play right guard so Howard can move back to right tackle. Also Rodney Hudson would be the new starting center, and the last big name would be either Torrey Smith or Randall Cobb. From there other players such as Paea, Kareem Jackson, and other good players would wrap up my wish list.