Oakland Raiders Who May Never Wear Silver and Black Again

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Sep 21, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sport

Denarius Moore

There is a mystery is Oakland, maybe you can help solve it. How does an explosive playmaking wide receiver, just fall of the face of the football world?

Because that is what happen to Denarius Moore.

Once again so much promise and ability, yet the inconsistency strikes again from another promising young Raider. Moore had the chance to become the next Cliff Branch, he combined quickness, speed and a knack for making big plays. But he also went “ghost” for long stretches and sometimes several weeks. Starting receivers in the NFL can have an off week, but an off month is out of the question.

Moore’s 2014 season was just downright embarrassing. I honestly felt bad for the guy. From the dropped passes, to the muffed kickoffs, to being benched, to missing the last two games of the season with an “off-field” injury. Bad year, yeah you could say that.

At last Moore may get his wish and probably could use a fresh start with a fresh team. Didn’t quite work for Jacoby Ford, but hey let’s be positive.

As for that mystery, I solved it for you….His name was Hue Jackson and his departure not only put Denarius Moore’s career on the skids, but placed the entire Raiders offense in reverse. Proves the point how important coaching is, even talented players need the right coaches to get the most out of them.

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