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Dante Fowler Jr.: Prospect Breakdown (with GIFs)

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Jan 3, 2015; Birmingham, AL, USA; Florida Gators defensive lineman Dante Fowler Jr. (6) pressures East Carolina Pirates quarterback Shane Carden (5) during the second half for the 2015 Birmingham Bowl at Legion Field. The Florida Gators defeated the East Carolina Pirates 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

A reverse is faked to Fowler’s side of the field on this play.  He quickly notices the ball isn’t on his side of the field, makes his way over to the where the ball carrier is and lays a big hit on the running back.

Fowler’s closing speed and ability to pursue are both on display here.  The running back attempts to get around the corner, but the play results in a one yard loss instead.  Notice how fast Fowler is.  He runs in a straight line toward the sideline, at about the 23-yard line.  He doesn’t even have to take an angle to track down the ball carrier.

You have to watch this one a few times to really appreciate it.  Fowler shows off incredible bend here, and uses a nice under move to get by his blocker.

Having bend is extremely important for pass rushers because it’s about flexibility of the body, and isn’t something that can be taught.  Someone can improve slightly their bend, but it’s really more of a “you either have it or you don’t have it” type of trait.  Fowler has it.

Fowler uses his hands effectively here from keeping the blocker from engaging.  He also showcases bend again and almost makes a play on the quarterback, if not for the extra blocker.

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