Amari Cooper: Prospect Breakdown (with GIFs)

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Amari Cooper Film Breakdown, Part 4

Amari is a decent run blocker. He struggled with it at times, but he does seem to be a willing pass blocker at least. This is the most impressive example I saw on tape.

If he could only do this more consistently, I’d love him as a prospect. To his credit though, watching games from oldest to newest, Cooper did progress with his ability to win jump balls.

Amari’s bread and butter. Against one of the top cornerbacks in the nation, Vernon Hargreaves. Same as the previous clip.

Another example of Cooper beating his defender with a double move. It’s lethal.

A catch that every wide receiver needs in his arsenal, the back shoulder grab. Amari creates separation at the end of the route and displays impressive body control while making the grab falling out of bounds.

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