Devin Smith: Prospect Breakdown (with GIFs)

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Devin Smith Film Breakdown, Part 3

Nov 29, 2014; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Devin Smith (9) pulls in a pass in front of Michigan Wolverines defensive back Raymon Taylor (6) at Ohio Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

These clips will start to feel repetitive, but Devin Smith didn’t run that versatile of a route tree (one of his knocks). Some say he is a one-trick pony, but if that is the case, he is very good at the one trick.

Same play as the last one, different angle. Notice how well Smith locates the ball, and then once again, he wins at the high point.

While you don’t draft WR’s for the run-blocking capabilities, you want them to at least be willing in  this area.

Devin Smith is not willing. In this clip, he doesn’t even put hands on anyone. If he would have blocked #27, even slightly, this play likely ends up a TD.

A second example of Smith not doing much in the blocking department. Again, it’s not why you draft him…rather, just an area to note.

Watching 4 games for this breakdown, this is the only drop that I saw. Smith turned his head too quickly, trying to make a play before he had the ball.

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