Oakland Raiders: A More Attractive Free Agency Option in 2015

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Dec 21, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) walks off the field after the Raiders defeated the Buffalo Bills 26-24 at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback: Derek Carr

Look, we all know this is a quarterback league. Teams that win consistently all have one thing in common….A solid quarterback. Enter Derek Carr, a young, yet mature beyond his years, leader of the new Oakland Raiders. Carr has all the tools teams are looking for in a face of the franchise. Carr possesses all the physical skills necessary to play in the league, but what separates him is his natural leadership and driving work ethic which have already been proven his first year in the NFL.

Uncertainty at the quarterback position is not a good look for any NFL team (right, Cleveland?) it especially does not breed confidence for any incoming free agents. The quarterback is the de-facto spokesperson for the team. A walking billboard and selling point for a franchise and it’s ability to win. High profile free agents, especially on the offensive side of the ball will no doubt get a meet and greet with the young Raider QB.

If Derek Carr wants to attract some much-needed help with players like Randall Cobb and Julius Thomas, he will have to put on his selling cap and make these players believers that the Raiders are ready to win again.

But Carr’s job is already half way over. He proved last year he was more than capable to lead the team and showed promise as a potential winning QB in this league. There has been a rash of recent criticism of Carr’s rookie performance, but I find it hard to fully evaluate Carr given the tremendous lack of talent around him in 2014.

What is evident is that Carr instills confidence in the players on his team. A positive beacon of light in the Black Hole. Carr along with the other young rookie standouts should go a long way in helping the Raiders crawl out of the #32 spot for free agents.