Oakland Raiders Free Agency, Reggie McKenzie, & The Oakland Packers

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Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Oakland Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston (99) reacts after the game against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium. Dallas beat Oakland 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Overpay or Role Play?

We too, should long for the day that our players realize their role in our organization – and accept it with the team in mind. We should hope for a day that our players consider team chemistry and loyalty to an organization. Thats how championships are won and that’s how good players become great. Blaming a GM when players demand a certain amount of money to stay or come to Oakland is ridiculous. If they don’t want to stay and be apart of the solution then all they’re doing is creating a problem.

Once you allow players to dictate the vision of the organization, leadership ceases to exist. There hasn’t been a leader in Oakland for a while and its time that our free agent acquisitions realize what they can be apart of. Hell, we can’t even get the city of Oakland to believe in the franchise. As fans, we need to realize that the right players are needed in order for us to become a franchise like the Packers. Without an accountable football team, the Raiders will continue to bottom feed in the NFL.

We shouldn’t consider a win-now mode as longevity and sustainability is what creates teams like Seattle, New England, Green Bay, and Baltimore. You can mention the Broncos, but even with an abundance of talent they couldn’t sustain a winning culture.

Don’t hang your head when we don’t sign your favorite player or a free agent that wants more money than their literal value. Randall Cobb can be considered an exemptions as he’s the type of player and person that creates locker room value. His character is worth just as much as talent to an organization like ours.

But don’t be discouraged about missing on Cobb. Don’t expect Reggie to walk into every negotiation with a blank check – but rather blatant honesty, evaluation, and the leadership we’ve needed. Players with no intentions of buying into a vision shouldn’t be chased. Cobb has already bought into Green Bay.

Denver may have made some splashes in free agency last year, but it still wasn’t enough. You can’t win with talent alone. On paper, they’re roster was cute – but their arrogance was ugly in the playoffs vs the Colts.

Similar to the girl you liked in 5th grade, they want you to stop playing basketball at recess to give them all your attention. Then buy them an ice cream at lunch with your only dollar. Red flag central everyone..