Oakland Raiders Defense Now Built Around Khalil Mack

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How it Works Together

When asked if he would bring the Seahawks’ defensive scheme to the Raiders, Norton Jr. told Raiders.com, ““No question. We’ve had a lot of success. You watch our defenses over the last few years, how physical, how smart, how dominant they’ve been up front, out-hitting, out-hustling and doing all these aggressive things. Jack has a fantastic background with his defense as well. My philosophy combined with his philosophy, we’re going to sit down in a room and just work it out and then make it the Raiders philosophy.”

So in this scheme, Justin Tuck will be the five-technique, Williams will be the one and once picked, Leonard Williams will be the three (ha-ha). Moore will go back to Sam, Lofton will be the Mike and Smith the Will like he was in Seattle. That leaves Mack as the Leo and it’s his choice to either stand up or put his hand in the dirt.

He’ll be a hybrid that has coverage responsibilities at times but his main focus will be rushing the passer. That is the job of a Leo in the 4-3 under, elephant scheme as in the 3-4 the Sam does most of the rushing. There were times that Mack took over games when the Raiders turned Mack loose and that’s what Del-Rio’s plan is for Mack in 2015.

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