Why the Raiders and Chargers stadium proposal solves the NFL’s LA needs

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Carson offers a better building site

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I get that the Inglewood project is more shovel-ready. I get that the Carson site still needs more clean-up, because it used to be a landfill. However, Carson offers a better building site for more than just traffic reasons.

The proposed area offers a whole eight-acre site just for the league itself. This could be used for an extension of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, NFL Network studio or whatever else the 32 owners want. That would make the Carson site an attraction all by itself.

Don’t forget that the NFL has not been in Los Angeles for more than a decade. The league should not care about the faster proposal, but they should want the proposal that better expands their brand. Commissioner Roger Goodell has already said the league will explore all options in L.A. That means they can afford to wait, an extra year or two, if that means they get the full expansion needed.

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