Why the Raiders and Chargers stadium proposal solves the NFL’s LA needs

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Carson project is a joint venture between the Raiders and Chargers

Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones endorsed the Inglewood project, partly because he believes Stan Kroenke will not spare any expense. Which makes sense for the billion dollar owner who is solely pushing for the Inglewood project to move the Rams back to Los Angeles.

However, two owners are involved in the Carson project. Mock either of their pockets, if you want. However, the whole league should also be interested if there is so much room for the league expansion.

Additionally, the Chargers and Raiders have needed a stadium for a long time. If the Inglewood project passes, at least one team would still need a stadium. Also, both teams support conference realignment. That answers any questions about scheduling conflicts.

Hence, the NFL gets into the Los Angeles market and they get a state of the art stadium for two of their original AFL teams.

Meanwhile, the Inglewood project would take more creativity to solve all of the conferences problems. Plus, you get two devoted fan bases in Los Angeles.

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