Why the Raiders and Chargers stadium proposal solves the NFL’s LA needs

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Rams have more support in home market

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is the biggest killer for the Inglewood project. The City of St. Louis has been the most supportive market, between the three teams.

If St. Louis approves $400 million in public funds, how could the NFL say no? It would take too many moving parts to replace the Rams in St. Louis, even if their owner is hellbent on Los Angeles. Considering the Rams need 24 votes from approving teams, I am not sure the group of owners would let the team leave that money on the table.

The NFL does not want to rip another beloved team from its’ home market if the city itself is willing on using public funds to keep the team. Just see the debacles of the Baltimore Colts and original Cleveland Browns.

Even if the Rams still get 24 votes, would California want a fourth team in the state, assuming the Chargers and Raiders stay? That is a big question that needs to be answered should the league make a decision on allowing the Rams to move out to the West Coast.

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