Oakland Raiders Vs. Browns: Pregame Quick Hits


In Week 8 of the 2014 Season, the Oakland Raiders traveled to Cleveland and lost to the Browns, 23-13. On Sunday the Raiders travel back to Cleveland to see if they can come out with the win. While there are some constants to both years, there is plenty of change from both sides going into this game. Below are my quick hit thoughts on this upcoming matchup.

Offense Thoughts

Last year, the Raiders were down 9-6 going into the 4th quarter, when two turnovers cost them the game. Last year the Raiders gave up 3 sacks to Paul Kruger and Derek Carr threw a whopping 54 passes for his first career 300 yard game. McFadden averaged 4.9 yards a carry. Why on earth they threw that many passes with the game that tight is beyond me.

The offense this year is totally different from last year at the skill positions, most notably at the wide receiver positions. As well as Latavius Murray at running back. This year, as has been noted in many columns this week, the Browns defense have been giving up a healthy average on the ground. I would hope to see a more 50/50 split between passes and runs this week, as it doesn’t appear this Browns defense through the first two weeks is excellent at anything. There should be no reason to see this offense sputter like it did in week one.

Defense Thoughts

Last year the defense held the run game in check, only giving up 38 yards. The QB, Brian Hoyer, passed for 275 yards and a touchdown, completing 19 of 28 passes. Nothing crazy, but really efficient, for a QB Rating of 111.5. The Raiders only managed to get one sack and it was by Justin Tuck.

This year the Browns roll out Josh McCown at QB, new running backs and they have their starting center back as well. This Raiders defense has a lot to prove. They have yet to record a sack this year. They played two playoff offenses the last two weeks and need to make a statement against this average at best offense from Cleveland. Khalil Mack was nursing a groin injury last week, but he is not listed on the Raiders injury report. He really needs to start making impact plays, plays that show up on the stat sheet. Right now, he’s a ghost. The whole front needs to get busy as the secondary needs all the help they can get. There letting every no name guy on the field look like a star. That needs to stop this week.

Coaching Staff Thoughts

The Browns run back the same group of coaches from last year’s win over Oakland, while the Raiders are 1-1 into the Jack Del Rio era of the Silver & Black. The jury is still out on this staff, although the way the offense moved the ball last week is a vast improvement from anything they did in the Dennis Allen years. The defense did at least take away the TE in the second half against the Ravens, so that is a plus. Raider Nation is in such need of a winner, that we want/have to believe in every staff.

Final Thoughts

I think the offense is off and running. It’s the defense that we will have to wait on and see if the front four can take over a game. The secondary hopefully will get better every week or the only games we will win, will be 30+ point shootouts. This matchup against the Browns is very winnable. It’s a pick’em in my book and you know who I’m picking. New era, new results. Fingers crossed.