Oakland Raiders: Week 3 Grades

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Sep 27, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Oakland Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree (15) is tackled by Cleveland Browns cornerback Johnson Bademosi (24) in a NFL game at FirstEnergy Stadium.The Raiders defeated the Browns 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rory Anderson

Quarterback: A

Another very solid performance by Carr. He hit his targets seemingly at will and protected the ball very well. It was the passing game that kept the offense on track. Carr also had an exceptional throw to Seth Roberts for a touchdown.

Running Backs: A

This was the first game where Murray broke out for big yards. He was not the focal point of the offense and he was able to find space due to lanes created but the pass, but he exploited them and consistently broke tackles. Helu and Jones also had productive carries and Reece also had a big catch.

Offensive Line: B+

Although not dominant especially in the running game, the offensive line performed admirably and created tons of space on the cutback. They also did a very good job keeping Derek Carr clean and the one time the Browns got close to him, Carr stepped up to avoid pressure anyways.

Wide Receivers: B

This was not as dominant a performance as last week and both Cooper and Crabtree had issues. Copper dropped a pass and fumbled a ball while Crabtree seemed off at times with Carr, but all in all it was another very quality performance.

Tight Ends: C

All three tight ends did a very quality job blocking for the run game, but no tight end got involved in the passing game. However, in the end they played a quality game.

Defensive Line: A+

Stunts, twists, and blitzes finally! Raiders racked up 5 sacks including one strip sack and got consistent pressure allowing the Raider defensive backs to make plays including the game-sealing interception. The biggest impact in the run game was Dan Williams who was allowed to stay in Nickel defense and stop long draw plays.

Linebackers: B+

At times, the Raiders linebackers failed to make some plays, but both Armstrong and Ball recorded sacks. Lofton continued to be the rock inside. Malcolm Smith was a solid player in coverage as well.

Defensive Backs: B-

Hayden had a solid game and newly acquired corner Amerson also contributed nicely. Woodson did have some trouble in man coverage including giving up a touchdown to Barnidge. The back end is coming together nicely and as long as the pass rush is there they will be able to make plays. That is not to say this group can’t get better, but there has been consistent progress.

Head Coach: B

Although he missed on a challenge call, Del Rio did fine with adjustments along with limited time management.

Offensive Coordinator: A

Heck of game. The Raiders offense did bog down a little in the second half and lost some consistency but the overall game was solid in getting a 17 point lead to hold onto.

Defensive Coordinator: C+

Norton is getting better and the pass rush is getting more complex. We saw concrete results and adjustments made by the defense to get the win on Sunday. After getting a big lead, KNJ did take his foot off the gas too much for my liking but overall it was solid progress and a nice win on the road.

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