Oakland Raiders Film Room: OAK at CLE

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Khalil Mack the Video Game

Remember when Shaq was so dominant that they made a martial arts game called Shaq-Fu? It was absolutely ridiculous, but Shaq was such a character, and so dominant in the league, that everyone just let it slide. I know what you’re thinking… “Don’t you say it. Don’t do it!” Well… Mack-FuJust kidding. But seriously, the things that Khalil Mack is starting to do are video game ridiculous. Not Madden ridiculous. NFL Blitz ridiculous.

Check out this spin move he executes in the fourth quarter.

On 3rd and 10 in the 4th quarter, Khalil Mack comes up with a strip sack, forcing Cleveland to settle for a field goal. The way he does it is simply bonkers. As Cleveland’s center occupies Justin Tuck sufficiently for the time being, they send both RG John Greco and RT Mitchell Schwartz to double team Mack. Everyone else keeps pressure off of McCown, except the guys “blocking” Mack.

Mack’s jab-step spin move simple leaves them in the dust. Nearly sending John Greco onto the ground.

Mack’s move is so fast and swift he leaves them yards behind him as he breaks for the QB. Poor McCown doesn’t have a chance. With McCown’s movement up into the pocket and Mack’s instant depth, it’s almost as if he’s coming from the blindside. Nothing McCown can do but get hit with the Mack Attack.

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