Oakland Raiders must find identity against Denver Broncos


Headed into week five, the Oakland Raiders (2-2) play an undefeated Denver Broncos (4-0) team hoping for a deep playoff team. Oakland suffered a tough loss to the Chicago Bears, but they can not come out flat. Denver won each of their first few games, but they’ve looked beatable.

This game will serve as a test to the Raiders’ rebuilding efforts. How will the young Raiders rebound after a tough loss?

Moreover, the .500 Raiders must prove an identity in this game. After this game against Denver, they face the tougher portion of the schedule.

Against the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland relied on a dink and dunk offense. In the Baltimore Ravens game, the Raiders spread the ball through the air. For the Browns win, the Raiders pounded the ball with Latavius Murray.

However, the Raiders offense failed at all the above versus the Bears.

The Broncos look like an elite defense. Offensively, the Raiders will find out what they do well. On defense, the Raiders identity is not anymore clear. Actually, we know they can’t cover an opposing tight end if their lives depended on it.

Outside of that, they’ve done good things like five sacks against the Browns and game winning interceptions. However, the Raiders’ defense also got picked apart in the running game (Jeremy Hill) and the passing game (all of their games).

With a quarter of the season played, Oakland has plenty of time to fix their flaws. They also have plenty of time to crash and burn.

Either way, Week 5 will help this team gauge where they really stand in the league, are they merely a team on the rise? Are the Raiders still the love able losers? Will they rely on offense or defense?

These are questions the Raiders will answer in Week 5.

Further, this game will help the Raiders decide if they are a pretender or contender.

Not to mention, this game is only the first division matchup of the season. Hence, it could be an indicator of how the Raiders will play against their other AFC West Rivals.

Regardless, at least the Raiders identity doesn’t include being 0-4 or 0-5 like last season.

One thing is certain, the Raiders will not have an even win-loss record after this game, Hopefully, they enter Oct. 12 3-2 and high off a Broncos win.