Oakland Raiders Film Room: DEN at OAK

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The Flat Out Whiff

It didn’t always take a complex rushing play to get by Howard during the game. All-world linebacker Von Miller had no problem getting to Carr by himself when lined up one-on-one against Howard.

On the Raiders first play from scrimmage in the third quarter Austin Howard attempts to stop Von Miller by diving at his legs. Agile Von Miller easily escapes it, tossing Howard to the side like a professional bullfighter.

After the shuffle step, Miller circles around the occupied J’Marcus Webb for not only the easy sack, but a clean strip from Derek Carr. The following Denver drive resulted in a field goal to bring Denver within one point of the Raiders.

More importantly, it reinforced in Derek Carr’s mind that even when he thinks he may be safe, a defender can come from anywhere to tackle him. His footwork and release noticeably got worse after this point as Carr rushed passes to avoid the sack.

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