Oakland Raiders vs. Jets Preview: Q&A with The Jet Press


On Sunday, the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets restore their classic AFL rivalry at the Coliseum in a game that has early implications in the AFC Wild Card picture. Derek Carr’s 3-3 Raiders hoping to build on a win over the San Diego Chargers by beating Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Jets who sit at 4-3 after a loss to the New England Patriots.

With the Raiders doing battle with the Jets for another season, we asked the Editor-In-Chief at FanSided Jets blog The Jet Press some questions about New York’s season so far as well as what to expect when they take to the field at the Coliseum on Sunday. Following is our interview with The Jet Press Editor, Luis Tirado Jr.

JBB: Ryan Fitzpatrick is 3-0 against the Raiders. Do you think the veteran quarterback has what it takes to guide the Jets to the Wild Card this season.? 

TJP: I’ve always loved what veteran quarterbacks bring to the table and this reminds me of the days when quarterback Vinny Testaverde was brought into the mix and quickly took care of business. He’s been a great locker room presence just like Vinny and everyone is buying into him… and his beard. I think the Jets end the season 10-6 and yes, get in the NFL Playoffs via Wild Card.

JBB: Chris Ivory struggled last week against the Patriots after a streak of 100+ yard games, do you think his reported hamstring/quad issues will impact his play for a second straight week. 

TJP: I think it will because he hasn’t had enough time to rest. I honestly believe the Jets will have him start against the Raiders but will limit his reps since Stevan Ridley/Zac Stacy will more than likely suit up and also contribute. I don’t see the Jets giving Ivory the majority of reps due to fear of him further aggravating his groin/leg injuries.

JBB: The Jets traded for Brandon Marshall this offseason and he has been back to his 1000 yard season pace through the first half in New York. Do you think it was the right move for the team to gamble on him and how much of an impact do you think he will have longterm with the Jets? 

TJP: Marshall has been the best acquisition for the Jets in quite some time, I was ecstatic when they acquired him in the off-season and knew he would definitely be a big piece to the puzzle. He compliments Eric Decker very well and has been a great presence in the locker room. I think he sees this as his last opportunity to end his prolific career on a high note and kind of put away all the issues he’s been known to cause in the past.

JBB: The Jets once again have one of the best defensive units in the NFL, what is the difference between the Rex Ryan defenses from the past and this current unit under a new coaching staff? 

TJP: This Jets’ defense is precise and all about the details. I absolutely love what head coach Todd Bowles has been instilling on his team since his arrival as it’s like night and day compared to Rex Ryan. They stick to putting in hard work and letting their performance on the field speak for itself. Bowles preaches keeping to the task at hand while Ryan was all about providing bulletin-board material for the opposition.

JBB: Geno Smith was once the future of the franchise at quarterback before getting hurt with Fitzpatrick stepping in. Should the Jets go back to him at any point of this season if the Jets start to fade out of the Wild Card picture, and do you think he will ever get the starting job back if Fitzpatrick continues to play well? 

TJP: I might be in the minority that believes Geno Smith has seen his last days as a starting quarterback on the Jets. That entire debacle this summer only proved his immaturity and lack of leadership which has doomed his chances at ever giving the keys back to the Porsche at any point unless Fitzpatrick gets hurt or has a major decline in play. If Fitzpatrick continues to play like he is, Smith will keep the bench warm all season long.

JBB: Lastly your prediction for the game, who is taking the win at the Coliseum on Sunday? 

TJP: Jets vs Raiders will definitely be a physical game featuring some great running and two hungry teams looking for victory. Since the Jets lost a close one last week to the New England Patriots, they’ll come out swinging in this one. Jets win 24-17 on the road!

Thanks to Luis for taking the time to sit down with us this week. Make sure to check out TheJetPress.com for all of the Jets preview coverage for Sunday’s Week 8 clash.