Oakland Raiders December Schedule Preview

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Dec. 20: Green Bay Packers

After beginning the season 6-0, the Green Bay Packers have now lost four of their last five games. Similarly to Oakland, the Packers have seemingly lost a great deal of momentum that they had early in the season, and in turn, their playoff hopes are in question.

Though they currently hold one of the two wild card spots in the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons are just one game behind from mirroring their record in Green Bay falls to Detroit this upcoming week.

Regardless of the outcome in Week 13, the Packers can’t simply coast their way through the rest of the regular season and still earn a playoff spot, thus making the matchup with Oakland another must-win for both teams.

With Aaron Rodgers under center, creating pressure on the quarterback with Mack and company will be an obvious focus for Oakland’s defense, but it’s important that the Raiders front seven also doesn’t allow Green Bay’s rushing attack to take over. Whether it’s Eddie Lacy or James Starks, the Packers have quietly had a great deal of success on the ground, as they currently have the tenth-most rushing yards in the NFL, via NFL.com.

Offensively, Oakland will have to find a way to make plays against some of Green Bay’s tougher defensive backs and inside linebacker Clay Matthews, but other than that Oakland matches up quite well. Their offensive line should control the line of scrimmage for the most part, which in turn, should allow Carr to have time in the pocket and for Latavius Murray to break off some big gains on the ground.

Though Oakland’s defense doesn’t have nearly enough talent to compete with the Packers, the Raiders still could turn this into a shootout if their offense can find ways to make plays with some of their talented skill players and their tough offensive line.

Prediction: Green Bay Packers 34 Oakland Raiders 35

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