Oakland Raiders Film Room: Week 15 vs GB

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Carr Throws Picks

Derek Carr was directly responsible for 14 Green Bay points.  Fourteen. The Raiders lost by ten.

Derek Carr’s first interception came as the result of a terrible pass that simply should not have been thrown to the receiver. It’s 3rd and 9. Oakland runs a four verticals concept from 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, 3 WRs) with the inside receivers running inside choice routes – breaking toward the middle of the field.

Green Bay uses a dime sub package (2 DLs, 3 LBs, 6 DBs) and disguises their coverage before the snap. What looks like a Man-Free coverage (1 deep safety, man coverage underneath) actually is a more complex scheme. Safety Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix bails to split the field into a 2-deep coverage. The outside corners play zone and the slot defenders ride man through the first-down marker then drop low on the hip, cutting underneath to take away the middle pass – think of how the middle linebacker might cover in a Tampa-2 scheme.

This cutting underneath is entirely by design and fools Derek Carr into thinking that Clive Walford has his man beaten. The play still might have worked if Carr threw a better pass, but the combination of the disguised coverage and the impending pressure leads Carr to throw without setting his feet (he actually hops backwards), directly into the defender’s hands. Carr also doesn’t do himself any favors by once again locking on to a single target and staring him down the entire play. These are the types of passes defenses have been increasing accumulating against the Raiders offense in the last few weeks.

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