Libby Schaaf comments on Oakland Raiders stadium issue


Mayor Libby Schaaf spoke on the Oakland Raiders stadium issue on Wednesday, again admitting things are not looking good between the two sides.

With the 2015 NFL season nearing its end and the issue of Los Angeles relocation once again reaching the headlines, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf addressed the state of the city’s ability to help keep the Oakland Raiders. An issue that Schaaf is firm on when it comes to the amount of money that the City of Oakland has to pitch into a new stadium to keep the Raiders.

Schaaf told the media on Wednesday that the city is still not undergoing formal discussions with the Raiders as the talks between the mayor and owner Mark Davis have still not seen any progress despite the final hour nearing this winter with the NFL set to make a relocation decision.

Schaaf also said that Oakland does not have a big check to write for the Raiders, which makes the issue a difficult and complex one for the football franchise as well as for the city in finding middle ground to keep the team in Oakland.

Schaaf’s public comments on Wednesday didn’t reveal much that was new about the Raiders problems in Oakland as we have known for awhile that the mayor is unwilling to spend public money to keep the NFL in the city. As long as that is the case and private investorship is not as lucrative as it is in Los Angeles for Mark Davis there is the risk that the Raiders will move due to their stalemate with Schaaf and the rest of Oakland’s municipal government.