Marcel Reece issues statement about suspension


Oakland Raiders fullback Marcel Reece issued a statement on his positive PED test, claiming the failure came due to an internal body reaction to a non-banned substance.

Oakland Raiders Fullback Marcel Reece issued a heartfelt, self-written statement regarding his four game suspension. You can read the full statement below, which he had sent to and was posted by :

"“During my eight-year career in the National Football League I have taken extreme pride in representing myself, my family, my team and our fan base to the highest of standards. I have never, nor would I ever, compromise my integrity as a man or player in the NFL — and I would never jeopardize my leadership in the game that I love so much.“I have NEVER, and would NEVER, ingest any banned substance that would result in a failed drug test. What I did consume was a natural plant root extract by the name of ‘Umcka,’ which is a completely safe substance that is clearly legal by NFL policy, in terms of being acceptable to consume. What I didn’t know is that this plant root, once ingested in the human body, converts to the substance ‘metylhexanamine,’ which is a banned substance by NFL standards.“Every single teammate, coach and friend of mine can tell you that I take extreme pride in taking care of my body, and I have worked incredibly hard every year maintain myself to performing at the highest level. I don’t believe in short-cuts; I have worked extremely hard my entire life and I would never consider any substance to gain a competitive advantage.“As the NFL stated in their final judgment of our appeal: ‘The NFL does not contend that Mr. Reece intentionally violated the policy, and it is clear the Mr. Reece did not intend to do so…’“Let me be clear here — the Arbitrator, the NFL and I all agree, and have concluded, that I have never ingested ANY banned substance whatsoever, for any reason, especially not to enhance my performance. Unfortunately, due to the NFL’s strict liability policy and a completely flawed system there is nothing I can do to change this unfair outcome.“I have fought this decision as hard and aggressively as the system allows to chemically prove how this happened, and to defend my innocence. I assure you all that this natural, chemical reaction was far beyond my knowledge prior to appeal research. To those who know and love me, thank you for your support. Thank you to all Raider fans, my fans, Oakland Raiders ownership and management, my coaches, my teammates, and my wife and family for their unflinching love and support.”"

I have some follow-up questions:

  • Why did you take this Umcka?
  • How long have you been taking Umcka?
  • How many times have you taken it, how often?
  • How many other Raiders have you recommended this stuff to or have taken it?
  • How were you able to determine that Umcka morphed into methylhexanamine while in your body?
  • Has the NFL now put Umcka on the banned list since it will magically change into a banned substance upon ingestion, triggering a positive drug test?
  • You state Umcka is safe, but if it is producing methylhexanamine in your body upon consumption, have you not looked up this substance and its adverse effects on the body? See Wikipedia page LINK HERE

Listen, I want to believe Marcel on this. That this was just dumb luck. I mean aside from being a pro athlete talking that gang fuss, saying happy C Day, instead of B Day on birthdays, he seems to show good judgment and be a solid citizen.

But yet, I’m skeptical. In that, he is the first athlete in the world to take this and have this result? This Umcka is popular in Africa, but yet this is the first time ever this type of chemical reaction in the body is on record? Marcel is seldom used by the Raiders, so there is no outstanding or uptick in performance to point to and try to accuse of doping. It just seems like this mysterious chemical manifestation in the body was a loop hole that they tried to jump through, but were denied.