Week 12 Mailbag: Oakland Raiders


Week 12 of the JBB Mailbag, answering questions from Twitter following the Oakland Raiders win over the Carolina Panthers.

Another thriller in the win column. This is fun!

Now I know our guys have had some of you just a “1” away from the emergency room, on more than one Sunday this season, but I thoroughly enjoy these close contests. Mainly because, this Raiders team continues to earn my trust by ultimately finding a way to win. A standard, I’d argue, that was set the moment Jack Del Rio decided to go for the win versus New Orleans.

Note: Some of the questions were duplicates or similar to other questions that had already been asked. If you don’t see your question specifically responded to, that is likely the reason why.

“He’s going to get a pretty nice extension,” was the first thought that went through my mind when Seth Roberts caught the touchdown on the Raiders second drive of the game.

Roberts doesn’t get the acclaim that guys like Julian Edelman and Cole Beasley get, yet he has that same knack for getting open, and making plays after the catch that they do.

And while, from a business standpoint, I understand the Holton approach, Seth Roberts is a gamer. I can’t see Reggie and Co. letting Roberts walk.

Factoring in the absence of David Amerson, one could argue that once Hayden left the game, we were down to three corners: Smith, Carrie, and Hamilton — keeping in mind that Dexter McDonald was also inactive. So with that being said, it really wouldn’t be an argument at all, we were down to three corners.

And the cornerback situation is alarming due to the fact that there really won’t be a resolution, or any sort of significant progress made, until the offseason.

In this event, I would have to side-eye the two most recent additions, in LB/DE James Cowser and LB Tyrell Adams, as the odd men out. Just seems like the obvious to me, at least right now.

Fair question. Although in playing devil’s advocate, I believe it has slightly less to do with any inabilities of Jelly, and more so contributed to other interior guys, like Stacy McGee, stepping up and playing at a higher level.

Like other groups, the defensive line has essentially improved every game. Collectively, they are affecting the opposing quarterback, in ways necessary to win, and they are a big — figuratively and literally — reason we’re 9-2.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of what opportunities could be out there, Jacksonville maybe? (I don’t think Cleveland lets go of Hue.) In any event, I could see Musgrave earning some interviews, and many would attribute that to the play of #4 — and who would argue?

But what has most impressed me with Musgrave is his in-game orchestration of the offense. That transcends the quarterback, and that would be my Musgrave selling point.

You’ve come to the right place! Mailbag loyalists are probably sick of my Jalen Richard propaganda, but I love the guy.

Although I will say this, if Latavius Murray continues to run the ball with the authority he did against Carolina, no one in the Jalen Richard Fan Club — myself included — will be able to justify taking the ball out of Murray’s hands.

I don’t trust Buffalo’s receivers. After a decent showing last Sunday, Bills receiver Sammy Watkins missed practice on Wednesday with soreness in his foot — and that’ll be worth monitoring, even if he plays.

With that being said, if the Raiders front can successfully bottle up the Bills run game, that may put pressure on the pass game and lead to takeaway opportunities for the Raiders — even with a banged up secondary.

All in all, I see a great opportunity to exit Week 13 with a 10-2 record, who would’ve thought!

But listen folks, more importantly, take the time to check out a tremendous campaign on Twitter, in #MyCauseMyCleats. There will be a handful of Raiders players participating, as well as players all over the NFL, as they wear cleats dedicated to various causes near and dear to them, in hopes of spreading awareness. Familiarize yourselves with some of the causes, the charities and foundations that support them, and let the holiday spirit guide you the rest of the way.