Raiders NFL Draft: A Tight End Option In Every Round

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Round 5 – Jeremy Sprinkle, Arkansas

Jeremy Sprinkle is my personal favorite tight end sleeper in this class.

At 6’5″ and 252 pounds, Sprinkle has a massive wingspan (arm length in the 92nd percentile) and hand size (95th percentile) of 10 3/4″, making him a dangerous target in the red zone and over the middle.

At the Combine, Sprinkle posted a 4.72 second 40-yard dash. Which doesn’t sound blazing fast, but it ranked in the 72nd percentile, so it’s an above average time.

Sprinkle doesn’t have elite traits in any one area, but rather, he’s quite good in many different areas. He’s a true jack of all trades, master of none. From route running to blocking and pass catching to his physical traits, Sprinkle is quality across the board.

His weak vertical jump gives some reason for concern, and he isn’t a player that will win with quickness in his routes. His straight line speed is solid, but his burst in and out of breaks could be better.

But his weaknesses are hardly detrimental, so given his strengths, he just seems like a player who won’t ever be a top-end tight end, but rather, a reliable starter with consistent production.