Oakland Raiders: Top-20 players of the 21st Century

OAKLAND, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Rich Gannon /
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The Oakland Raiders have not had many winning seasons in the 21st Century, but they have had their fair share of memorable players.

The Oakland Raiders are one of the more iconic franchises in football, so it would make sense that they would produce some of the more iconic players of the current century. From Hall of Famers, to guys who could end up there one day, there have been plenty of guys who have shined wearing the Silver and Black.

Since the dawn of the 21st century, there have not been many winning seasons for the Raiders, and in fact, they have only one since 2002. Still, each year they have had at least one or two special pieces, and each season of Raiders football is represented in our current list of the top-20 players to play for the team during the current century.

The 2019 Raiders have some elite talent on the team, and when we revisit this list in a couple year, there could be some names from the current roster that make our list. For now, we will look at those guys who have played at least two seasons for the team in the 21st century, starting with one of the best quarterbacks in team history.

Here are the top-20 Oakland Raiders of the 21st Century.

*Note: Steven Wisniewski and Napoleon Kaufman played only the 2000 season in the 21st century, and were left off the list because of it. Obviously, they are special players in team history.