Las Vegas Raiders: 15 most beloved fan favorites in franchise history

Charles Woodson, Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Charles Woodson, Oakland Raiders. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Al Davis, Raiders
Al Davis, Raiders. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

6. player. 28. . Owner/GM/HC. (1963-11). Al Davis

Most beloved Raiders of all time: 6. Al Davis

Alongside John Madden, Al Davis is one of two non-players on this ranking, but it is for very good reason. Madden is obviously arguably the best and most popular coach in franchise history, but the franchise as we know it today would not exist if it weren’t for Al Davis.

Going from the head coach to a managing partner to the primary owner, Davis has done it all for the Raiders. He dedicated his life to making sure the franchise was successful.

Davis made all decisions related to the Raiders from 1966 until his passing in 2011. Although Davis made some very, very curious moves that left fans confused and angry, his guidance helped the Raiders to a ton of success over that span.

Three Super Bowls, 16 division titles and 21 playoff appearances. All of which came under Davis’ control and management of the team. His unparalleled wish to win created a machine in Oakland, and for a while Los Angeles. The Silver and Black incited fear into their opponents and used every advantage to them to find success, even if that meant cheating.

Regardless, Davis is the Raiders. His legacy with the team is unmatched by anyone. Nobody will likely even come close to having that kind of impact on the franchise again. A torch in his honor is lit before every home game. The address of the new arena in Las Vegas is even named after him. Although not a player, Davis is one of the most beloved figures in franchise history.