King's Kourt: Oakland Raiders impaled by the Chiefs in Week 2 loss

After a stellar victory against the Denver Broncos in Week 1, the Oakland Raiders were throttled at home by the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday.

The Oakland Raiders started Week 2 against the Kansas City Chiefs right where the Week 1 victory left off. The Raiders quickly jumped to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter, capped with a Tyrell Williams touchdown.

The 2nd quarter was a completely different story, Chiefs quarterback, reigning NFL Most Valuable Player Patrick Mahomes scored 28 points, which coincidentally was the last time either team scored in the game. The Raiders offense had many opportunities, including a high flying run and dive by Derek Carr reminiscent of the 2016 season opener vs the New Orleans Saints that should have resulted in a first down but was marked short.

A couple of costly interceptions in enemy territory, and untimely offensive pass interference calls quickly stopped the Raiders hopes of a comeback.

In a game that was supposed to be centered around celebration, as sixth-year quarterback Derek Carr went into the game 81 yards shy of breaking the late, great Ken Stabler's Raiders passing record, which he accomplished, the Raiders fell fell flat in almost all aspects of the game.

Miscommunications on defense, including Karl Joseph's coverage on Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, led to 28 unanswered points. The Raiders fared well against the run, holding the Chiefs to 31 total rushing yards, but were decimated in the passing game, giving up 443 yards through the air.

Offensively, the Raiders struggled to find an identity on the field, the strong interior rush of the Chiefs proved to be too much for backup guard Jordan Devey, and Derek Carr was sacked three times. Trent Brown left the game with a slight knee injury, and Brandon Parker returned to his 2018 form, allowing the defense to break free in the backfield more than once.

On top of abandoning the run early to try to get back in the game, the Raiders offense never was able to fully build tempo to get back in the game.

This was a frustrating game to watch, especially following the excitement from the Monday night home opener a week ago. If there is a team I dislike losing to more than anything, its the Chiefs, but we must remember that this is a team that was one offsides call away from being in the Super Bowl last year, and not a Broncos team with Joe Flacco at quarterback.

The Raiders are embarking on a long road trip that originally looked more daunting than what it has become. This week the Raiders face the Minnesota Vikings and look to shake off the dust from the Kansas City loss and bounce back. Expect to see more from rookie running back Josh Jacobs and expect to see better F'in execution from the Raiders team captain and leader Derek Carr.

Raider Nation, we are 1-1 and currently sit at No. 2 in the AFC West. There are 14 games left in this season and there is still plenty of opportunity. I'm not going to sell you sunshine and rainbows and tell you that everything is ok, but we also need to look at every aspect of what was a bad game, and move on.

Minnesota, you're up.

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